We teach and challenge our students as dancers while also getting to know and help develop them as people. We instruct them in Ballet, but it's perhaps even more about the life skills they learn in the studio: responsibility, dedication, time management and getting along with others. It's our hope that these life skills and lessons they learn with us in the studio and implement in their lives will not only help them transition into, but embrace with confidence, the next chapter in their lives after leaving CCBC.

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Dress code for all classes: Pink tights and leotard of choice, hair in a neat bun with no bangs. 

Our Classes

Level 2 Ballet  Ages 7+ by placement
Dancers at this level are expanding their understanding and knowledge of Classical Ballet. This level focuses on basic technique, placement and body alignment, positions and coordination of the feet and arms, French terminology (the universal language of Ballet) and musicality.

Level 3 Ballet  Ages 11+ by placement (Intermediate)
Dancers at this level continue to develop and strengthen their Classical Ballet technique. The barre and center work become more advanced; they continue to focus on core strength, develop leg extension, strengthen their feet, increase awareness of port de bras and presentation. Students at this level may also be assessed for pointe work.

Level 4 Ballet  Ages 13+ by placement (Advanced)
Dancers at this level are continuing the overall progression of Classical Ballet. Class becomes more challenging with increased focus on multiple pirouettes, more intricate petite allegro, presentation, pointe work and the stamina and strength to execute proficiently.

Pointe  by placement/evaluation
Dancers being considered for pointe must have an even greater understanding of core strength, placement and body alignment. Dancers feet must be able to support their body weight and they must have the ability to stand on stretched knees. Safety is always the primary concern and something we take very seriously as there could be long term physical repercussions if a dancer is put on pointe before they are physically ready. To start the dancers off properly we have them participate in pointe class in their soft shoes so that they can familiarize themselves with specific pointe exercises easing the transition should they be evaluated as being ready to safely go on full pointe.

Variations  Levels 3 & 4
The studio becomes a stage in Variations class as dancers learn excerpts from classical ballets. We view this as an integral part in their development as dancers not only learning choreography from the many classical ballets but also having the opportunity to develop a character that might be specific to a certain variation.

Character dance is a specific aspect of classical ballet. It is the stylized representation of traditional folk dances and primarily originates from European countries. Dancers in this class will learn basic character steps such as the polonaise, mazurka and czardas. Character dances appear in many full length classical ballets such as Coppelia, Swan Lake and Sleeping beauty and is considered to be an integral part of a dancer's overall knowledge of classical ballet repertoire.

Modern/Contemporary Levels 3 & 4
The core of this class is heavily rooted in building confidence in floor work and improvisation while still focusing on a high level of technique. This class pulls from multiple genres of dance to create a broader experience and understanding of ‘contemporary dance.’ Students will learn about the many pioneers in dance history through exercises and choreography.